Blak Trash is a boundary pushing music duo arising from Northern California. Known for their gripping tattoos, statuesque physiques

and effortlessly blending house music, hard hitting trap and hip hop for a truly idiosyncratic sound, Blak Trash is indeed taking the Electronic Dance Music scene by storm. With millions of plays acquired and an immense amount of notoriety online, Blak Trash has been featured on front pages of major dance music blogs such as Run the Trap and amongst several others.

Releases on Major Labels such as:

-Spinnin Records 

-Nest HQ (Skrillex owned Label)

-Insomniac  Records (Insomniac Events owned label)

-Night Bass

-Trap City 


 A combined social media outreach of 300,000+ people.


A cummulative total of over 20,000,000 plays/views online.




            -Have Performed at venues:
































1015 Folsom

club x

The new parish

The end up

Hue SF

Mighty SF

nEc birmingham

W Hotel

+Many More!

Featured on: